As well as healthy eating at school, one of the main goals of the Hello World Program is teaching students about nutrition.

The specific energy requirement is determined by measuring the basal metabolic rate and intensity of motion within each student's growth axis. The nutrition program, together with these measurements, is designed to take into account the family nutritional habits and the child's allergy and nutritional sensitivity.

Our Kindergarten, After School and Development Center meals do not contain white flour, sugar, sunflower oil and canned products. Our meals are prepared using only butter and olive oil. As much as possible, the vegetables and the fruits used at our meals selected according to the season and are supplied from local, ecological and traditional farmers.

The nutrition program is designed not only to cover our students' meals at school, but also it includes off-school and weekend meals. The necessary training and kitchen workshops are applied to teach and internalize the program and to transform these habits into permanent behaviors. There is a full-time Nutritionist at our school, and if needed, families can meet our Nutritionist by appointment. School meals, all main and snacks are prepared in a healthy way at our kitchen in the school.